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Topic subjectAustralia has problems
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22324, Australia has problems
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-18-00 05:00 AM
I spent five months there last year around this time so I know. I worked with the Aboriginal Reconciliation Committee to help create a document to reconcile the Aboriginal and white Australian community. The Prime Minister and other govt officials refuse to apologize.
No one acknowledges that for so long children were taken from their families and put into white homes so they can be assimilated.
Not only that but Australia had White Australia policy until the 1960s which meant no one that was not from Europe could immigrate. Before 1949, no one from east Europe (including Italy, Greece) could come in. This means that Aussies are very tied to Britain and WASPy ways even though their country is not like that.
Their policy towards Aboriginals has been to eliminate them.
Aboriginals were forced to live on reservations (that's not the name they use but I can't remember). They were given cards that identified them and were required to carry them around. They could not leave the reserve unless they had permission from the white owner. They had to work for this guy for little wages and were fed by the state.
The only way you could permanently leave the reserve to get a job somewhere else was to renounce your Aboriginal heritage. You could longer have ties to your family and would become white. Not everyone could do this, you had to pass a color test first to see if you could even look white.
Now the state of Aborigines is still bad. They live mostly in rural areas where there is no infrastructure or jobs. They are only 3% of the population but occupy over 70% of the criminal justice system.

This shit happens everywhere.

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