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22318, on top of that
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-18-00 04:13 AM
The succint crinmes of history were committed by peoples, cultures, and nations and those people should be held accountable.

We cannot continue to hold whatever race responsible for our history for the ideology that signifies them as "white" is just another one of those forementioned crimes.

When people say that White people have ruined the world that leaves the door wide open for "white" people to say- well it wasnt "my people"- cuz all White people certainly arent the same.

The race fallacy theory challenges those people directly, if they have excused themselves from accountability then they must remove themselves from the characterization of being white- whatever culture find to replace- if its is an accurate one- will have an easily demonstrated set of things that the person must be accountable to.

No man can escape the truth.