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22317, Mos def
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-18-00 04:08 AM
The truth of cultural classification precludes mischaracterizations based on perception and presumption and this is crucial in a day and age were those perceptions are largely infected by racism.

If you have European lineage that means you're European American- even if you're Black; that may not seem consistent but it would nonetheless be true the only people that might dispute that are trying to gather themselves and there supposed culture along fallacious premises.

The point is skin color does not suffice as commonality - especially since alot of "whites" dont have common skin color. Reffering to people by culture still allows regard to be made of human gatherings that may be primarily Caucasian or Mongolian or Negro but nonetheless have a great deal of variety. This is quite simply the true nature of human development- the world population as long as time records has been genetically heterongenous. Whereas race and the specific idea of "whiteness" provides that people of pale skin are exclusive no social science can quantify or support that as such race classification cant provide an accurate perception of major human development.

You're statement refers to people of ""White European" descent" but the race qualifier you've used diminshes the capacity to point out who is the culprit. Several Europeans have Negro and Mongolian lineage (especially the Spanish) and several of those kind would still be responsible for history's indiscretions- you're statement might preclude those non-white people of European descent setting them apart and aside- they may even be disregarded altogether.