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Topic subjectI'm not sure, but
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22314, I'm not sure, but
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-17-00 07:59 AM
I've read books that might spark your interest.
One book ("Trapped Behind The Ice") talks about how the albino offspring of the African people fled to the "Caucus mountains" and turned cold and violent due to the weather.
It brings up certin points, but then again on the flip-side, how can I surely prove this information to be right.
Sure, I know that Africn Moors ruled Spain and other parts of Europe, and I also know that "we" let the Portugese onto our land (otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to enslave us).
All I know is that I haven't heard of any other race that has imperialized and abused the land of indigenous people like the "Caucasian" race has.
All I'm saying is that there are devils in all shades of the rainbow.
(This is for any of you Muslims) If Yacub grafted the devil (White man), and Yacub was a Black man (who was supposedbly a sinister scientist), then what does that say about us?????????????????

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