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Topic subjecthave to agree with you on that one
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22142, have to agree with you on that one
Posted by serena_love, Mon Aug-28-00 09:54 PM
He is 12 years old.....and she is 38 that is just sick. The boy was definitely raped. You do not know whats goin on when you are 12 and she was a grown woman. She had to have seen that and used that against him like the sexual predator that she is.


Jill is in my head I tell you! aight here's proof....

"Slowly, Surely, I walk away from self serving, undeserving, constantly hurting me love"(c) Slowly, Surely-Jilly

"Love slipped from my lips, dripped down my chin and landed in his lap, and us became new. Me not clairvoyant and in love made me the fool."(c)Serena...I mean Jill-Love Rain

Now you know i gotta endorse ghost weed cause it's gangsta!

"How many niggas who have actually killed still rhymin?/How many niggas who are actually signed still killin?/and when it comes to killin a mic they ain't willin/and i'm supposed to be shook?/that's the shit that kills me/take the bullet for x in the ballroom and then vanish/extinguish the sun when i drew/play pool with the planets/treskadeckaphobia lyrics outlandish/my shits straight from the soul goddamnit!/its the one time only/venacular original/spectacular miraculous flow/computer digital/i ridicule the pitiful/piss upon the miniscule/pharoahe monch/betta park that ass like municiple!" Pharoahe Monch in

and always remember that serenalovesu...well on aim at least! :)