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22139, agreed, and...
Posted by azucar18, Wed Aug-16-00 03:17 AM
>It think men may get harsher
>treatment in these cases because
>it seems as if society
>always view them as the
>aggresor. I don't hear/see as
>many reports about women molesting
>children as I do about
>men doing it.

you got it right there. and in these cases of women molesting teenage boys, there's the perception that the boy may desire the relationship or that he might have initiated the relationship. there's the perception that "real men" always want to have sex (with women), and that there's something wrong with a man that would turn down a woman's sexual advances. in these cases there's no sense that the boy might have been pressured into the relationship or that he feels violated. i hope that these boys receive counseling and that the women are dealt with accordingly.


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