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Topic subjectRE: Female Child Molesters: predators or mentally ill?
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22138, RE: Female Child Molesters: predators or mentally ill?
Posted by Ursus, Tue Aug-15-00 08:26 PM
Even though sixteen is still way too young to be having relations with a 28 year-old, I do not deem it on the same level as this 12 yearold and this teacher. The teacher is a predator, carve it out anyway you want. The lady was in her thirties(thought I heard that) and this kid was 12!

It think men may get harsher treatment in these cases because it seems as if society always view them as the aggresor. I don't hear/see as many reports about women molesting children as I do about men doing it. Therefore I think that "special circumstances" are taken into to consideration more when it is a women who do the molesting. But shit, in my book.....any adult who is having sexual relations with a twleve year-old kid is a predator.