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Topic subjectFemale Child Molesters: predators or mentally ill?
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22136, Female Child Molesters: predators or mentally ill?
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-15-00 03:43 AM
I've just read in the newspaper today about the arrest of a 37 year old woman having sex with a 12 year old boy. This woman was a school teacher and had this child out in the park at 3 am in the morning. This situation reminds me of the school teacher in Washington (?) a few years back. Her defense was she was mentally ill, she thought she was in love. She even made that child a father at a young age.

My question : How come women aren't viewed as predators , like a man would be in this situation?
Why the double standard ?

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22137, RE: Female Child Molesters: predators or mentally ill?
Posted by janey, Tue Aug-15-00 05:13 AM
I think that in most cases, they are viewed as predators.

In California, any therapist who becomes aware that his or her client who is a minor is having sexual relations with someone who is older than the client (and I think, but I don't have exact details, that there's a number of years specified so as to create a bright line presumption that the older person wields significant power -- so like "ten years older" or "fifteen years older" or something), has a legal obligation to report the situation to the police.

An acquaintance (friend of a friend) a few years ago was wrestling with this question: She was a therapist, her client was a 16-year-old girl who was living with her lesbian lover who was 28 or 29. The client, the 16-year-old, had come from an incredibly abusive family relationship, and the woman who was her lover was not only giving her emotional support, but was also physically supporting her (shelter, food, clothing) while she finished high school.

The therapist was obligated by law to report the situation. If she did not, she risked having her license revoked by the state. Yet if she were to do so, her client would be returned to her parents, who were clearly not operating in the girl's best interests.

That's the problem with bright line tests.

22138, RE: Female Child Molesters: predators or mentally ill?
Posted by Ursus, Tue Aug-15-00 08:26 PM
Even though sixteen is still way too young to be having relations with a 28 year-old, I do not deem it on the same level as this 12 yearold and this teacher. The teacher is a predator, carve it out anyway you want. The lady was in her thirties(thought I heard that) and this kid was 12!

It think men may get harsher treatment in these cases because it seems as if society always view them as the aggresor. I don't hear/see as many reports about women molesting children as I do about men doing it. Therefore I think that "special circumstances" are taken into to consideration more when it is a women who do the molesting. But shit, in my book.....any adult who is having sexual relations with a twleve year-old kid is a predator.
22139, agreed, and...
Posted by azucar18, Wed Aug-16-00 03:17 AM
>It think men may get harsher
>treatment in these cases because
>it seems as if society
>always view them as the
>aggresor. I don't hear/see as
>many reports about women molesting
>children as I do about
>men doing it.

you got it right there. and in these cases of women molesting teenage boys, there's the perception that the boy may desire the relationship or that he might have initiated the relationship. there's the perception that "real men" always want to have sex (with women), and that there's something wrong with a man that would turn down a woman's sexual advances. in these cases there's no sense that the boy might have been pressured into the relationship or that he feels violated. i hope that these boys receive counseling and that the women are dealt with accordingly.


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22140, Women should take as much heat.....
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-15-00 08:36 PM
....as men do. The teacher should be seen as a predator and a danger to young children. As Ursus said, an adult that is having sexual relations with a minor should be seen as a predator. Women can be just as agressive as men. There are women that beat their husbands. Every case of molestation should be handled in the same way and told to the public so that they can avoid women, as well as men, who prey on children.
22141, women ARE predators...
Posted by asighn4jane, Sat Aug-26-00 08:20 AM
& she didn't molest that child...she RAPED him...she allowed his penis to penetrate her vagina...molestation has become such a catchall phrase for assaults upon our children's bodies...yes...men are often predatory in our society...women often {sufferin frum the same "problems"} place themselves in positions to be abused...there are times when they become the victimizers...that woman should face the exact same punishment as a man...a man who'd raped an adult woman

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22142, have to agree with you on that one
Posted by serena_love, Mon Aug-28-00 09:54 PM
He is 12 years old.....and she is 38 that is just sick. The boy was definitely raped. You do not know whats goin on when you are 12 and she was a grown woman. She had to have seen that and used that against him like the sexual predator that she is.


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