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Topic subjectChild Support
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22132, Child Support
Posted by RexLongfellow, Mon Aug-28-00 09:18 PM
Whassup peeps
Watching TV for a while, flipping through a bunch of talk shows, and the vast majority had women bitter at men just telling them that they have to pay up or they will never see their kids. I've been the product of child support somewhat, but child support means alot more than a check. I'd much rather my pops and moms were still together than going through that stuff. Don't get me wrong, that check means a lot to the well-being of the child, but I've seen plenty of times where the mother spends the money on herself.
So I guess I'm asking you guys a few questions...anyone can answer and give their opinion, but I'd also like to hear from the OKpeeps with children
1. How vital is that check?
2. Would you rather the money for the child, or quality time with child from the other parent (I ask this because usually in messy break-ups, one of them is compromised)
3. How far are you willing to go to get the child support from the other parent (Rephrase: Would you rather take the other parent to court, or cut off all contact with the other parent)
4. How do you think it affects the child (particularly younger ones)
5. Last question: How do you feel about those who take advantage of child support (Those that don't pay, or those that do pay, but the money doesn't go to the child because of parental greed)
Fill me in on your stance of this peeps

22133, Leykis?
Posted by k_orr, Tue Aug-29-00 03:16 AM

Both people agree to have sex.
But only one decides to have the child.

who should be responsible for the child?

k. orr
22134, RE: Leykis?
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-29-00 03:31 AM
The persons who sperm and ovum made the child.Two people made the child.Ovum didn't fertilize itself.

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22135, Some things in life ain't fair
Posted by nahymsa, Tue Aug-29-00 04:35 AM
This is one of them.

Women bear babies, women decide when to have kids. Men get stuck & held responsible for our decision either way. If men don't want to let us make the decision for them then I suggest they bag it up, snip it, or whatever.

My mom always said that in the end, you really can't make a man be responsible. & its true, look around, there are waayyyy more deadbeat dads than men being prosecuted for not paying child support. If a man really doesn't want to pay, he don't have to, he can even sit in jail before he pays the support if he's so strongly against paying.

When it comes to kids, that's the one area where women have power. And for all the bullshit, most men like it that way cause in the end, they know its harder being the primary caretaker than handing out cash. That's why when men leave a family they rarely take their kids - even when the mother's totally fucked up. But when a woman bounces she's usually taking her children with her.