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22123, natives/hispanics
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-14-00 01:24 PM
hello all...

theres a skit on blackalicious' nia, right before shallow days, in which a speech on black unity is being given. the guy goes on to say that black people in america are no different than black people outside of america--that they indeed are brothers and sisters. my question is this: does the same thing apply to native americans and the hispanic population? what is the difference between the two, aside from a border and language difference? theres also cultural differences, but theres the same differences between canadian white people and american white people, and i dont think too many people distinguish between those two.

im of the choctaw tribe myself, and its a common occurence for someone to mistake me for being mexican (i live in texas, and people just assume). its annoying to constantly have your culture questioned, especially when that same culture is almost dead anyway, but lately ive just been questioning the whole issue a lot. its got me to thinking.

so should native american people consider themselves hispanic as well? and vice versa? what exactly is the difference? are we really that different?

thoughts, ideas?


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