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22007, one mo' gin..
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-31-00 02:32 AM
>And what gets left out of
>the equation is the unseen,
>the eternal, the unchanging, the
>essence (if any). Murph
>is so eloquent but I
>keep thinking that, if I
>were more adept at truly
>understanding him, I would be
>able to point to the
>missing elements.

that's it right there..I guess we've stalled here like we have. murph/skinner prolly speak much truth but I doubt that's even the half of it..more like a fifth of it because hopefully we'll be able learn how to utilise more of that dormant brain matter before we're gone.

>On character: I know what
>you mean in the respect
>that I majored in directing
>in college and I used
>to always say to my
>actors, "Don't tell me, show
>me" because how is an
>audience supposed to read the
>actor's mind? But don't
>you think that there's something
>more? We live in
>these human bodies, we inhabit
>these minds, and we are
>convinced, most of us, that
>there is some essence that
>isn't just reward/punishment or reflex.
> Are we just fooling
>ourselves? Or is there
>something unseen?

I feel sure it's there - if only because we all seem so certain there's more to it. even if 'instinct' is just another behavioural quirk, I'll stay trusting it.

>On filmmaking and time/perception in flashes:
> Buddhism holds that substance
>is an illusion, and it
>is exactly because of this
>flip chart nature of perception
>giving the appearance of continuity
>that we believe in substance.

say, are babies born able to process all of the stimuli that comes through their senses?

>I think it's practically definitional of
>depression that it's a feeling
>that nothing you do makes
>any difference. Maybe the
>idea that we can make
>a difference is also an
>illusion, but it's certainly a
>workable illusion in my book.
> That's just about the
>last illusion I'm gonna let
>go of, nahmean?

true, if the matrix hasn't already turned that illusion of reality into hallucinated delusion.

seize your time! - marley/wailers

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