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22005, one mo' gin..
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-30-00 02:53 AM

judging by the gems murph's dropping seems that all we are is what we do, like a campaign slogan for activist board. but I like what murph's saying, reminds me of filmmaking in two respects:

scriptwriting - they teach that character is action, it's not about what your character might/would do or what they're thinking, it's what they're seen by the audience to do/say or not.

film - the way we recieve projected film/animation bears out your theory about the mind papering over the cracks/joins that it's too slow to pick up. we pick up single, seperate images onscreen as smooth, uninterrupted movement.

but janey's right though, it's kind of depressing when you put it in such clinical terms - like all our lives consist of is a series/system of rewards and penalties and everything slots into that. I'm guessing that sort of thing would facilitate the balance of things.

so why is shit so unbalanced? read in the paper on the weekend about how if you were to bet, odds of us being taken out by a falling asteroid are way smaller than odds of us wiping ourselves out, off the face of the planet.

it's almost funny with these massive, mystery brains how we're actually aware of this, of our behaviour and responses and can sit around here and have controlled discussions about how little control we actually have - like this awareness is irrelevant if you can't act upon it..another activist catchphrase.

but the key's buried deep in the gray matter..like murph says, you've got a constant stream of raw data to be organised - which piece is 'heard' loudest, how does the brain prioritise what to respond to at any given moment. self? cause we all react different to the same things, see the same things different.

seize your time! - marley/wailers

my views of this world are ever-growing is the way one must view me - speech/arrested development