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Topic subjectBy the way, y'all
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22004, By the way, y'all
Posted by janey, Sat Aug-26-00 08:22 AM
There's actually a reason behind this question.

This isn't purely academic, y'know.

I know you all think I'm weird for raising this, or raising it on Activist -- well, maybe not the folks who are involved in the conversation.

Maybe after we trickle out of thoughts (which won't be until BooDaah gets back and has a chance to macerate on all this), the next step is to move the perspective from the individual to the group, or move from the definition of being to the definition of doing. Sort of as a ground from which to base our actions. I have some ideas for jumping off points on this. So think about it, cuz that may be coming up pretty soon. Aaight?