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Topic subjectA few more thoughts
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21999, A few more thoughts
Posted by janey, Wed Aug-30-00 11:53 AM
On belief: Even if what someone says they believe isn't a good predictor of behavior, wouldn't an internal belief system have some effect on day-to-day actions? I think people tend to mis-report on themselves, so that in a clinical testing environment, they might claim to hold beliefs that they only think they should hold, so certainly that wouldn't be a good predictor. But it seems to me that the principles to which we truly adhere should at least be a guide to decisionmaking, don't you find? The question for me comes down to intention and action vs. reaction. If we react without considering or intending, then we're likely to let momentary emotional responses govern our behavior. If we keep mindful and truly have intention when it comes to our behavior, then deeply held beliefs should make a difference.

I completely agree, by the way, that our perceptions are essentially if not entirely driven by our expectations and the way we describe and define the world.

I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and completeness of your responses.