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Topic subjecta few more questions for murph
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21993, a few more questions for murph
Posted by janey, Thu Aug-24-00 05:02 AM
Have you ever done anything that you regret? Have you ever done anything that you knew at the time you were doing it was not the right thing to do? (By the "right" thing, I don't mean something that is wrong by anyone's standards but your own). If so, how does that fit into the concept of behavior as the totality of self?

Also, is thought part of behavior? In other words, if I weigh my actions in advance, or if I consider them afterwards, does that fold into what I "do" as my self? Or is thought separate from the action that is self?

Would it be along the lines of your thinking to say that "behavior expresses the self" rather than "behavior is the self"? If not, what does it mean if I act a certain way at work but a different way at home and another way at a club and another way when I visit my parents? Are these many different selves? Or do we sort of average them out to find out the "true" self? Alternatively, if "behavior expresses the self" is relatively accurate, what is being expressed? Is anything timeless -- by which I don't necessarily mean eternal, but existing outside the confines of time and change?