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21992, murph..
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-24-00 02:00 AM
>The only way we can understand
>"what we are" is by
>studying what we do.
>Concepts like "feelings", "knowledge", and
>"memories" can ultimately be explained
>in physical, behavioral terms -
>they are not THAT mysterious.
> Your actions ultimately define
>you. Whether it's coming
>from DesCartes or Cobain, I
>would disagree with the argument
>"I think therefore I am".
> In my world view,
>"I do, therefore I am."
> This may sound like
>a simplification of human existance,
>but I don't think it
>is. I think that
>"what we do" is a
>very complicated question, and that
>to understand our behavior is
>to understand the essence of
>the "self."

see what you're saying..never really looked at this in any depth so I'm just asking questions.

makes me think of what we were discussing about wild animals and that black/white mental world they supposedly inhabit.

where does 'choice' fit in behavioural ideas..like, what motivates us to do and why do we all do it in so many different ways ie. self?

and I'm curious, how does 'imagination' fit in - or in this whole discussion even?

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