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21989, more ramblings..
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-23-00 01:58 AM

started over again, threads get to be a headache to read when they get squashed in corners..I like to just keep rambling on this thread like raina's 'post that never dies' in general..print it out when it's done.

all apologies to genius, or apologies to kurt cobain/nirvana more like for the misappropriation - thanks for inspiring the thoughts anyway. thanks for adding to the convo too, genius. can't say I'm a nirvana fan as such either cause I came across them by default really, a younger sister that's much like yourself prolly so I was forced to listen to those joints right through on long journeys. I'm open though, it's like a love/hate relationship - read a couple of her cobain biographies and he's a strangely fascinating cat, beyond the music even.

anyway, I feel what genius is saying about blissful ignorance, survival and such..these aren't things that I'd think about on a hourly basis, but I like this thread cause it lets me think out loud. it's what I meant in an earlier response of how survival planning/needs are less prominent today so we have the leisure/stress of turning back in on ourselves, as society does a lot these days.

anyway, both janey and genius' replies had me thinking about how much of our day-to-day is unconcious - how emotions CAN almost be seperate from self, how so much of what we do conciously is performed completely unconciously, that animal side. or is survival a function, like biological machines that have a task to fulfil - see itself through for as long as it can.

like I'd think my thought and tell my fingers to type it or my throat to speak it but I don't have a real clue how it goes about flexing those muscles - I haven't any control over it prolly cause we'd all fck it up if we had to think too much on it..and survival's imperative. and even still, I'm just responding to a stimulus.

so, that inner voice that instructs us, get's angry, high, whatever - how does IT communicate with self..in words, sounds, pictures? or just electricity..like do we really talk to ourselves 'inside' the way many people do when they're alone or whatever.

and with survival as the mind's main role does it mean the brain is instructed/motivated by 'me' or am I moved by my brain - like a benign dictator? cause it's like if was playing table tennis, that hand-eye thing, can I really 'think' that quick? or even just bobbing your head to a beat, can't help it.

basically, what I'm thinking does it all, not just emotions, just consist of reactions, of differing complexities - regardless of if the responses are genetic or learned.

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