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21986, RE: Any thoughts welcome
Posted by Genius, Tue Aug-22-00 06:40 AM
Hmmm.....I could write a book on this topic. I will not though because my views will probably seem weird to people. I am also at work and do not have time to write out a long winded response. I think what many of you have said is interesting. But even if you say "all we know is all we are" there are many things we don't know that makes us what we are. People in the past have not known all the stuff we know now. We should feel lucky as well as burdened with all the information we have. Sometimes its better to know less. I think you are able to enjoy life more if you aren't thinking and analyzing everything. What do they say? "Ignorance is bliss" That is very true.

Nature of self....that's basically a combination of genetic traits and life experiences.

For nature of anger, that is an easy one. Its just an innate characteristic that all animals have. Yes, that's right, people are animals too. If you don't believe me just watch a tape of a war or riot on TV. I still cannot believe people did this. The only thing that separates people from animals is language abilities. Anger is a way of releasing your emotions. It is not healthy but it is something you cannot control, no matter how you try to "manage" it with silly classes. It is normal to be angry once in a while.

Role of mind is to help the body survive in the world. Our main goal in life is to survive. Our mind helps us to accomplish that among other things. Our mind can help us find food, a mate, pleasure, etc........ I better stop now, I feel like William S. Burroughs. I would like to know what anyone else thinks about what I said. Does it make sense? Am I a freak? I am really just making this up as I go along and have not had sufficient time to think about your post and what everyone has said or to create a more focused response.