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21983, mind control...
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-21-00 02:36 AM

I'm thinking much of the 'brain' is involuntary - you can't shut down bits of it, concious or not, without affecting the ENTIRE thing. eg. lobotomies or shock/breakdown whatever.

much of the mind engages in concious thought..kinda like the car analogy, you can steer/speed/crash it but you've got to respect it because there's a bunch of stuff going on under the hood that you don't really have any say in at that moment.

and the two overlap of course. you control the brain even in just the selection/range of things you expose it to. lose control of the mind daily eg. when it starts picketing for lack of sleep.

and there's the replenishment that goes on during sleep. this doesn't really explain what makes us 'us'..just keeping it moving.

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