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Posted by Shimmy, Fri Aug-18-00 11:40 AM
And just to mess with the concept of time even further...it gets even more interesting if you look at the idea of having more than one "life" on earth.If you are a being that evolves and reappears at different points of existence.
Really puts that question of "what are we" in a whole new realm.

Again reading too much Zen ;-)

I see psychoactives as merely a tool...it can create an atmosphere where you are more open to accept concepts which might not be readily explained by everyday experience. Timothy Leary--and more recently Terrence McKenna, were two guys that were highly intelligent visionaries who respected the potential of exploration in this area. It can take a lot of discipline(meditating for example), or a good dose of mushrooms to enable us to transcend all the beliefs we accept to be "truths".

Gotta get back to work!


"If you're happy with nothin', you'll be so very happy with me -----Ben Harper