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21981, Just a quick word
Posted by janey, Fri Aug-18-00 11:03 AM
Two things jumped out at me in my first reading of your post. I'm going to have to read it again for a bigger picture response, but for the moment...

Time. I used to have a lot of fun with people's concept of time by asking them whether they thought that time, as a relative concept, moved at a constant rate, or whether the rate was fluid. In almost every case, people seem to believe that time moves at a constant pace and it was their own perception that was skewed if time "flew when they were having fun" or if it seemed like that "watched pot never boiled." It seemed as though time was an absolute without which their world would end. If time is a convenient construct and not an absolute truth, then there's no problem with it speeding up and slowing down. Also, you know, the concept of hours and minutes didn't come into play until the industrial revolution.

Psychoactive drugs. I take my lead on this notion from that wonderful old hippie, Ram Dass. Ram Dass (under his other name, Richard Alpert) was a close associate of Timothy Leary during the early experimentation with LSD. Both were seeing the drug as a method to open up to new possibilities, new universes. Ultimately, Ram Dass found (and talks about in Grist For the Mill, I think) that the possibilities are available to us without drugs and that there's more integration with unaltered life if the new ways of thinking are achieved without the drugs. You're right that meditation is a way to insight into greater possibilities, but most teachers will warn against taking too seriously the visions or manifestations that arise -- it's just another form of distraction from the actual practice of meditation.

More in a bit.