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21972, soulexperience, memorytime..
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-18-00 01:31 AM
>Experience/sense data: What about that part of us that is not
>learned or experienced through the senses? Let me just throw this
>example out there: time. Can't see it, smell it, taste it, touch
>it, hear it. So it's not sensory. But we believe we experience it. How?

dunno if time's a good example.."can't see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, hear it" - I'm starting to fall into that camp that believes that we can't 'experience' time because it doesn't exist. like it's a relative, administrative thing that's gained significance, increased relevance. logical divisions of divisions between this point and that - like trying to experience something that's we apply and justify after the fact, like maths.

dunno, I feel like that's something that's learned - like, no disrespect to dove, but why do we feel it necessary to count our years down because the earth rotates that way? sometimes wonder if babies have a concept of time..or death even? or like digable planets said: we're all just babies. then again, even science/truth/reality is just enough people co-signing on the same thing (usually after opposition) - somebody can prolly shake it all up again any moment. so, no - I feel like time is what we make it and we experience 'within' it, like space.

I'd guess time/judgement's about linear accumulated experience up until that precise point that thought draws upon it and you want that milk and can have it but know you shouldn't..or perhaps it's just a primal, primitive thing, like how we apparently naturally physically reject anything from inside that appears outside the body..but then again, babies apparently aren't averse to handling shit or piss so maybe it's all concious/learned, recognise it or not - rotten milk is simply unpleasant.

>Memory: How do memories arise? It's true, sometimes out of the
>blue I'll remember something from years ago, and it's like repeating
>the experience all over again. Why did I think of it then? Is there
>a selection process for memories and emotions that takes place
>without our awareness?

not a clue about how memory arises..the human brain is some shit, subconcious specifically. we can speculate all we want but it denies definition because it isn't defined - or we aren't ready. like I say, everything outside ourselves is nonsensensical until we each make sense of it for ourselves. it's almost like you actually create what you see each time based on a bunch of stuff, generate the street, the corner, next street, YOUR entire world. perhaps we all 'see/create' a different world, maybe each time even.

when I say we aren't ready I feel like we've done almost too well with this world, we aren't hungry and we stalled at twenty percent brain use, lugging around the rest until...? not like it's just laying dormant - but then would we all be identical if we all hit 100%? anyway, I feel like that'll be a key to understanding our subconcious selves, connecting mind/spirit (body even - who knows maybe we can fly), understanding dreams, memory and such, even just the effects of music. irrational moods, unexplainable/persistent ill health, God, war, whatever.

then again, why DID you think of it then?..but instead of when? why not, it's as good a moment as any other if you discount time, dunno if minds are meant to be shoehorned into that linear frame - like we'd assume it to be non-reflective selection because we know that it isn't concious recall and don't really have a clue about the process so we apply logic to it. I don't really have a clue about any of this.

>Soul: Is this the non-conscious, pre-intellectual and perhaps
>non-self-reflective awareness that selects memories, selects
>what sensory input that we become aware of and that which we
>discard, and glues together the experiences that we have?

yeah, you might say that..it's the soul that deals with those intangibles that are affected by reality and have tangible effects. the emotional side that decides whether the incoming data is relevant enough to warrant storage for future use..but like you say, how does it know/decide - it's a riddle because is that how self/identity is built upon, like a computer that learns? or is self about wading through a bunch of data and some pieces will 'fit' - the pieces themselves determine identity.

but that's too random. and we'd have to start discussing intelligence..and the nature/nurture debate. collective thought/society. I guess the world isn't that big in the sense that, as we are now, we really can only focus our attention or eyes on a very small selected piece of space at any given moment. whilst you actually read these words everything outside your monitor, or the paragraph, sentence even, becomes pretty indistinct..so we're all about keeping it moving until the next frame.

thanks - good shit all, peace. I'm likely to be out until monday.

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