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21969, alright..
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-22-00 05:33 AM
> But remember that when
>they come about, they're path
>(present) not goal (future).
>Someone said, "Love God and do
>what you like." The
>idea is that if you
>truly love God, what you
>like will be all good.
> So if your intention
>is high enough, then the
>consequence will be the best
>you can hope for.

essence of it is that present (path) is really the only part we have direct control over..or like peter tosh put it metaphorically: 'make sure your doings are right so that when the payday comes around what you get in your envelope will be satisfactory.'

>That doesn't mean that it
>will look exactly like you
>wanted or hoped, but it
>does mean that if you
>don't have high intention, it
>would be worse.

and that's where like ALL human anger in life stems/arises from, isn't it? expectations that aren't met.

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