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Posted by janey, Mon Aug-21-00 05:43 AM
Yeah, we have to find a balance between skillful analysis and unskillful paralysis...

On straight paths -- I never believed much in straight paths. There have been times in my life when one thing led naturally to the next and it was all moving toward something bigger, and I could tell what was happening in the moment, and even now when I look back, I see it as a particularly blessed time.

But most of the time, my life is made up of corrections. I see I'm a little bit off track, and I make an adjustment. My adjustment veers me off the other direction a bit too much, and I change course again. But I figure I had to do everything I did in order to be where I am today.

Anyway, it's not about where you're going or the destination, it's about the search, the path that you take. The intention. Cuz you never get there, anyway, right?