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Topic subjectyou're peace, janey!
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21965, you're peace, janey!
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-21-00 05:35 AM

that's a good point you made about immediacy - we could all use it, make things much simpler..guess what I was saying is that that very difference is also oftentimes our downfall - our big old brains.

that intellectual deliberation that introduces hesitation..not a bad thing in itself, but it can be paralysing - warp/distort our natural instincts as in your example with the irrational fears most of us learn to cope with now.

we have us scheming beyond our means/needs for no real reason. intellectual's quandary, I like how ras kass put it: 'a billion paths to take but which one is truly straight?'

seize your time! - marley/wailers

ain't nothing rehearsed.. - butterfly/dps