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21963, sidetrack..
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-21-00 12:46 AM
>if they have souls or
>not but there aren't many
>half-hearted animals in the wild
>- but even more literally,
>they are all they know.
>perhaps they/we are just all
>that we need at the
>end of the day, no
>longer need to dedicate thought
>to it so we turn
>in on ourselves.

sorry, just reading back my own post days later and that's looking deep to me..like, if I could just apply it to my own life.

like if an untamed animal has a need it satisfies it, sees an opportunity - it takes it. or dies in the attempt on either count.

perhaps, what we are IS what we need..but do we still have serious needs, as such? or has this social 'domestication' gone too far now.

cause I feel like if all of this were gone in a second and we took it back a few millenia, and most thought time had to be dedicated to survival on a moment-to-moment basis..

what then? I feel like a lot of folks would just lay down and die without leadership, fam or not. like now, what we are is what aren't.

or is it like how some psychologists used to think babies were equivalent to savages/primitives. and vice versa - seems like an insult to both.

what's a 'primitive' anyway? is it because we've got different cultural signifiers..yet we've all spinning on this rock an equal length of time.

anyway, rambling's ensued..so speaks a hopeful pessimist. umm, yeah. carry on.

seize your time! - marley/wailers

ain't nothing rehearsed.. - butterfly/dps