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Topic subjectRE: Just wanna throw this out there
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21956, RE: Just wanna throw this out there
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-17-00 08:01 AM
I see
>the EFFECT of time, but
>I don't directly experience it.

Yeah, you do. The thing is that it's so miniscule a change that you don't even notice it.

When hair grows on top of your head not only are you vicim to the effects of time, but your physical characteristics are altered. To me, this is a direct experience.

I think there are more senses active in the average human being, but we don't have the facilities to describe/analyze them.

>How about space? Sensory data
>would tell me that when
>I close my eyes, the
>world turns dark. When
>I turn a corner, a
>new street comes into being
>and an old one disappears.
> What's the connector?

There may be something like lower and higher sets of perception. Sensory data acts as the lower set because it's automatic. A higher set works under "consciousness" and through this we can make the connection and realize that we are on a different street. I dunno, I'm guessing.

>Again, we're doing this at a
>leisurely pace, so whenever you
>come back with the quantum
>physics info, it's all good.

no doubt...