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Posted by janey, Thu Aug-17-00 07:14 AM
But sensory data alone only tells us what is directly in front of us.

Monday: I see the milk in the refrigerator. I feel the carton as I lift it out of the refrigerator. I smell the fresh scent of unspoiled milk. I taste the milk.

Friday: I see the milk in the refrigerator. I feel the carton... I smell the rancid odor of milk that is spoiled. I decide not to taste it.

I make a connection between these two events. What is it that tells me that the milk is the same milk? Just because it's in the same place? Because in some respects, it's not the same milk.

So I'm making a judgement in my mind: This is the same milk that I tasted on Monday. Today is Friday. The milk is different. I see the EFFECT of time, but I don't directly experience it.

How about space? Sensory data would tell me that when I close my eyes, the world turns dark. When I turn a corner, a new street comes into being and an old one disappears. What's the connector?

Again, we're doing this at a leisurely pace, so whenever you come back with the quantum physics info, it's all good.

I'm looking forward to it. I didn't realize that quantum physics applied to the human mind.