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Topic subjectJust wanna throw this out there
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21954, Just wanna throw this out there
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-17-00 07:01 AM

>Experience/sense data: What about that
>part of us that is
>not learned or experienced through
>the senses? Let me
>just throw this example out
>there: time. Can't
>see it, smell it, taste
>it, touch it, hear it.
> So it's not sensory.
> But we believe we
>experience it. How?

Time to me is one of the most concrete examples of our sense abilities. For example: We see time as the sun rise or sun set, the wrinkles on an old persons face, the mold on a piece of bread, etc. We can smell and taste time as sour milk. We can hear time as the screeching sound of tea boiling in a tea kettle.

Also the thing about memory can be explained by some theories of quantum physics. I have a book that explains those theories, but it's at home. I'll see if I can locate some when I get there...