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21953, More questions
Posted by janey, Thu Aug-17-00 05:34 AM
Thank you -- all of you -- for your thoughtful responses. My mind has been hard at work trying to assimilate all these thoughts.

I'm not sure that I'm completely ready to jump back into the discussion, but let me pose these questions in response to your post:

Experience/sense data: What about that part of us that is not learned or experienced through the senses? Let me just throw this example out there: time. Can't see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, hear it. So it's not sensory. But we believe we experience it. How?

Memory: How do memories arise? It's true, sometimes out of the blue I'll remember something from years ago, and it's like repeating the experience all over again. Why did I think of it then? Is there a selection process for memories and emotions that takes place without our awareness?

Soul: Is this the non-conscious, pre-intellectual and perhaps non-self-reflective awareness that selects memories, selects what sensory input that we become aware of and that which we discard, and glues together the experiences that we have?

More to chew on.

We're taking this at a leisurely pace -- at least I am -- so time differences don't bother me.