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Topic subjectAll we know is all we are.
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21948, All we know is all we are.
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-15-00 10:36 AM
I like that song (I think it's "All Apologies" on their last album).
Remember the saying, "You're only as good as your word"?
Well, I think that is true to a degree.
What are we?
I think we are whatever our experiences project to us and whatever we deem ourselves in our minds.
I mean, sure, I could say that I'm "Black", but what if I was born in a totally different state of consciousness and society? I would then be whatever I've been led to believe.
What if there was some intricate truth that exists, but we were not aware of it simple because of our nievity evolving around this fabrication that we've been living?
I'm not sure what the hell this whole discussion is about, so that in mind, don't hold me up on "my word". ;-)

"Maybe that's why I'm so exhausted
as a revolutionary
I realize I can't save everyone
I'm trying to save myself
and I'm afraid"- Pamela Sneed