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Topic subjectwell now see...
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21942, well now see...
Posted by BooDaah, Tue Aug-15-00 03:13 PM
>When you say "perceive" you mean
>"process with our mind" and
>not "receive sensory input" right?
>or not?

both. example: if i'm blind my mind will recieve the stimuli from a different source and process it differently than someone else who CAN see (maybe not in the chemical sense, but i believe so in the "order of operations" sense). but at the same time both of our minds have to process that input (as opposed to say our kneecap).

>If right, what is it that
>forms the "processing" function?

i don't think experience is the function as much as a variable in the equation. now what the FUNCTION is? well, isn't that what folks have been discussing forever (the nature of humanity)?

>what is the unifying factor?

other than the fact that we're made of the same raw materials (basically) i don't know that there is one. i think folks are unified based upon similar needs and ideas, seperation occurs when the methodologies differ.

> What is anyone/everyone?
my succinct answer would be "God's children", but that's going to that "other place" again

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