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Topic subjectRE: What Are We?
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21934, RE: What Are We?
Posted by BooDaah, Tue Aug-15-00 09:13 AM
>AfricanHerbsman, in his signature, quotes Kurt
>Cobain/Nirvana: All we know
>is all we are.

I agree with the statement. How can anything be "proved" 100% true?

>Is that all we are?

Not necessarily. I personally am the maifestation of ancestors and the genesis of a legacy, and at the same time all that is encompassed by my experiences and surroundings as well as my reaction to them. and so are you.

>Are we formed exclusively by
>our minds?

no because i'm probably not half as fly as the me mind mind makes me believe I am :-)

>Or do sensations play a part?

Sure they do. But if you do not "sense" something, then is it not real?

>Or is it only what
>we "know" about sensations that
>form us?

to a degree. think about this, you and i are standing looking at a sunset. we hear, see, and think different thinks. memories are sparked, ideas are formed. thus, we are "sensing" different. the uniqueness of that experience is what seperates you from anyone else.

>What about emotions?

reactions based upon experience.

>Is there spirit?

too deep for this conversation :-) i think there is, but the tricky part comes in the definition.

>Is action a part
>of us, or only what
>we "know" of action?

i think I answered this already.

> Anyone have any ideas?

sure. a lot of folk do.

>Watch this one fall as fast
>as anything can in OkayActivist...

just because few respond, don't make it any less a good topic.

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