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Topic subjectYou know what I'm ending this
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21914, You know what I'm ending this
Posted by colourboy, Thu Aug-31-00 03:41 AM
right now because some people are just like bugging out, so let me say this.

This topic was meant to be a white and black issue, whether or not the drug is harmful or not. Because from what I'm seeing some people use it and are really protecting it and taking up for a DRUG. To me thats amazing. But, I guess people are going to do whatever. For all those heads that condone or tryin to take up for its rep, then you really have a drug problem and you need to get out of denial foreal. I mean truly everyone look over all the posted notes dropped and read them thoroughly and try to understand.

My points and other peoples points where valid others where just somewhere else. No disrespect to anyone, my objective wasn't to diss anyone or offend anyone in what they do in their private life or whatever. Is was to feel your opinions on why are hip hop heads pumping the drug up? And I the point i was aiming for was that we as blacks really don't need another drug in our community. I know ex might not be as hot as in other communities but this will spread. And truly I don't think we want that. The same thing with syzurb or whatever give it time and ish is going to spread like crack and all others. I just fear that moment truly.

Far as having info and who has the most on it or whatever. Thats a poor excuse to just show others that you truly have a drug problem and you need help. To protect ex or any kind of DRUG is just senseless to me. I think alot of people are forgetting what their protecting and thats a substance that kills and it is a drug and drugs do kill regardless of what it is. Thats what thats all about. Not about studies or whatever. Common sense tells you drugs kill.