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Topic subjectI'm assuming that you're refering...
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21912, I'm assuming that you're refering...
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-30-00 02:44 PM
atleast partially to the article in Vibe about X.
Now, I am certainly not the most innocent young lady out there. I do my share of drinking and smoking weed, but I have always stayed away from anything other than that. However, after I read the article in Vibe I wanted to do X soooo bad. The article seemed to glamorize the drug so much and say that there were virtually no downsides to the drug. I even went so far as to call a few friends to see about getting some. Luckily the people I called clued me in on some of the side/after effects and essentially talked me out of trying X.
The article really pissed me off because it had me really wanting to try a drug that I had been uninterested in since I had first heard about it a year and a half ago. I know that the drug itself is new and there hasn't been too much conclusive research on it, but I hate the fact that it was written in a sort of "well, we don't think it'll kill you, so go right on ahead and roll all you want to" tone. The article could have been more well rounded and I'd venture to say that it may be responcible for some additional use of X in the hip hop community.

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