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21909, I agree
Posted by Genius, Thu Aug-31-00 05:32 AM
I agree with you hot thyng. People who sell herb are not drug dealers to me. These people are helping society. But people who sell pills and other hard drugs for outrageous prices are the ones who should be done away with. Also, I have friends who have had seizures and almost died from taking a normal dose of what was supposed to be Ecstasy. Turns out it was DXM, some harmful chemical that is in cough syrups. This was not due to dancing or dehydration as someone earlier said that its the only way to die from it. It was due to adulterated pills. People follow trends and will sell you aspirin, speed, and anything that even looks like E just to make a profit. They can care less about repeat customers. The places where these drugs are available, such as raves or clubs, means that different people will be there all the time. I'm not saying to not do drugs, but just be careful and don't trust drug dealers. People can eat Ecstasy like tic tacs for all I care, but when you're in the hospital because the shit wasn't MDMA, don't say you haven't been warned.