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Topic subjectRE: you didn't he a word he said.
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21907, RE: you didn't he a word he said.
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-31-00 05:07 AM
> I think you
>need to do some research
>before you start talking about
>how drugs can be ingested
>and what drug dealers do.

I did, But did you? And if so where is it? Abtsracts? News articles? Books? Give me something or hush with the garbage.

> Drug dealers are not
>trustworthy. Why are you
>looking up to them like
>they are helping society?

Far from that....are you insane?!? I do understand how business is done, illegal or not.

>Cocaine can be absorbed in
>the stomach as well as

True indeed. but in such low amounts that it is virtually irrelevent. (If not then all of our Grandparents would be or haven been addicted to coke....we know that this is not true)

Carry On.



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