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Topic subjectyou didn't he a word he said.
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21904, you didn't he a word he said.
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-31-00 03:49 AM
1. Heroin and cocaine in pure form is MORE expensive than "E".

If you were jeweler, trying to save money would you mix the gold you were making your jewelery with platinum?

2. Cocaine and Herion are not metabolized well in the stomache. There is a reason junkies go through the trouble of shooting it directly into the blood stream.

3. Reputable dealers, (this is any drug, weed, "E" to Coke, etc.) only deal with pure product becuase they want repeat customers. If a dealer is primarily selling at a RAVE event, if he sell bad stuff, you can guanantee that no one will buy from this person again. Business is business.

4. If all else fails to convince you, check the stats...most "E" is pure. Some is not, no doubt that that SCARES me, but most of it is pure.

Carry On.



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