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Topic subjectKeep sighing
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21903, Keep sighing
Posted by Genius, Wed Aug-30-00 12:43 PM
I don't believe that propaganda either "Hot Thyng". That shit I said is all true. What, are you a doctor now too? Don't tell me what its laced with and isn't laced with, I know. Read any issue of High Times (a pro-drug) magazine and they will tell you to watch out for X with brown specks in it because it is HEROIN!!! Sheesh. Why are you trying to tell people to do something that may kill them? This isn't like "hey man you should go smoke a joint." Its X, and to someone who doesn't know anything about drugs, their life could be in danger. Also, since when do drug dealers care if people die or not? That is a good one. So now you're saying drug dealers are respectable people? I don't know man, first George Michael and now X. I give you the thumbs down. :(