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21902, *sigh*
Posted by HotThyng76, Wed Aug-30-00 12:20 PM
Its is
>usually laced with coke, speed,
>heroin, poison, and anything else
>under the sun.

WRONG!! If anything, pills sold as Ecstacy are laced with caffeine, speed, PMA (a chemical that mimics the effects of MDMA but can be more dangerous) or DXM (a chemical available in some cough syrups). They don't lace it with heroin or coke b/c those are very expensive drugs and nobody is gonna waste good coke or heroin by putting it in an E pill. (Coke & heroin can't be ingested by the body through your stomach, btw. If there was coke or heroin in a pill, you'd never feel the effects.) They don't lace them w/poison b/c that leads to murder charges. Drug dealers fear that shit.

People...there's nothing wrong with being against the use of drugs (obviously), but most of you who feel this way about them have been miseducated on the subject by the DARE programs in schools or whatever. Don't believe the hype and don't go spreading your miseducation around.