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Topic subjectEcstasy is shit
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21901, Ecstasy is shit
Posted by Genius, Wed Aug-30-00 11:38 AM
X, most of the time is everything but MDMA. If you are taking that shit, you better make it yourself and know that it is in fact MDMA. Street X is crap and WILL kill you. Its is usually laced with coke, speed, heroin, poison, and anything else under the sun. Sounds like fun!! Where can I get my hands on some??!! Please. Rappers are pumping it up for the same reason they pumped up weed in the early 90's, it sells records. Who knows if they are even telling the truth about what they do. X is a waste of time and money. Why don't you just play russian roulette with a gun instead of a pill? Its a faster death.