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Topic subjectThis natural vs. man-made stuff...
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21900, This natural vs. man-made stuff...
Posted by HotThyng76, Fri Sep-01-00 05:24 AM
Marijuana, being a plant
>that grows naturally, has fewer
>dangers than MDMA, which is
>a man-made chemical.

The fact that mj grows naturally is NOT a good reason to argue for it's safety vs. MDMA. First off, there are several things growing from the earth that are bad for human consumption (poisonous plants, pork, etc.). Also, mj has to be processed/dried before it's smoked - so it's not quite as "natural" as it's made out to be. It's not like you pick it from a garden and roll it right into a blunt. 2nd, MDMA is synthesized from from sassafras oil (from a tree). So, it too grows from the ground, so to speak.

Just saying...