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Topic subjectJust for the record...
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21899, Just for the record...
Posted by murph25, Thu Aug-31-00 11:15 AM
I don't smoke pot. And my post was meant to suggest that given the choice, I think young folks are safer smoking bud than taking Ecstacy. Most young people (age 16-21) experiment with drugs. If the drug of choice becomes E, that worries me. Marijuana, being a plant that grows naturally, has fewer dangers than MDMA, which is a man-made chemical.

As for pot being laced, I haven't seen much of that in my experiences. Most pot sold in the U.S. is actual bud. In Europe, I know a lot of people smoke weed in the form of hash. It seems more likely that hash might be cut with something. I know I would be suspicious of hash bought from a stranger. As for cutting it with coke, I'm not convinced. How is that profitable for a dealer? Coke is way more expensive than weed, right?