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Topic subjectI concur
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21892, I concur
Posted by annastesia, Wed Aug-30-00 09:56 AM
I have taken all types of drugs in my lifetime, and now all I do is crumble herb and drink occasionally. I wouldn't consider myself a dope fiend who is also an alcoholic.

Drugs are not a black and white issue. Some ARE worse than others. If you read the link HotThyng gave you, you will see one view of E. Anything you do in excess will eventually harm you.


"If there's anything I can say, to help you find your way
Touch your soul, make it whole, the same for you and I..
There's not a minute that goes by that I don't believe
that you die.. but I can feel it in the wind
The beginning or the end
But people keep your head to the sky." - Cee-Lo