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Posted by colourboy, Wed Aug-30-00 01:54 AM
true, but not exactly because hip hop is a very influencing art as we all know. And, now a days alot of people are heedin what people are sayin out there mouth. Especially if its somethin catchy or different. And alot of people don't take responsibilty to what they say especially as emcees. Not sayin everyone should speak positive or not speak their mind. But what alot i think fail to realize is that they have this amazing power to put a message out to millions of people everyday is precious and delicate thing and it effects everyone. but any way that was totally off topic, back to the situation. I don't think no one saw anyone drinkin cough syrup around the way foreal. I think they just sat home and started mixin shit together, saw that they got a little buzz and a new gimmick. But far as ex and weed or whatever yeah they are and were around the way and just spoken more of when heads got on mics.