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Posted by HotThyng76, Wed Aug-30-00 07:58 AM
>what.. e will not kill you?
>If you do it responsibly?
>thats like idiots that say
>if you drink in moderation
>its good for you.

Studies have shown that small amounts of alcohol ARE good for you. Not everybody is an alcoholic, some ppl can have just one drink every now and then, and drinking in that manner is good for your health.

Studies have also shown that it takes LARGE amounts of MDMA to kill a human. That's what I was getting at.

>way the shit is still
>going to kill you and
>you still have an addiction
>to the drug. Even if
>you take it once or
>twice a week.

Yes, E can be psychologically addictive. Meaning you can get accustomed to taking it in certain situations if you do so repeatedly. But even THAT doesn't happen to everybody.

Still when
>every month comes around I
>gurantee you won't forget to
>do that ex.

I take it or leave it as it comes. I'm not out there walking the streets looking for it.

And when
>you do so that means
>you have a addiction sweetie.

See above, darling.

>Just because test or whatever
>can't or don't tell you
>the truth about the drug
>doesn't mean you keep doing
>it until they find out.


>Because by time they tell
>you, you'll already be a
>junkie to it. Takin ex
>is like you sayin you
>takin dope foreal.

MDMA is nothing like heroin (I assume that's the "dope" you're talking about). Heroin is HIGHLY physically addictive. H addicts can't function w/o the drug. E is totally different.

Do your homework before you try to read me on this subject, cuz I've done mine, player.