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Topic subjectIt's like Soma. n/m
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21874, It's like Soma. n/m
Posted by Blackmagicallydelicious, Mon Aug-28-00 07:07 AM
President and Founder of the No Booty Coalition (NBC) where our motto is "What we lack in ass, we make up for in heart (and breasts and thighs, etc.)".
To become a sponsor or member, call 1-888-5NoBoCo
Giving you no booty since 1977.

August is Top Ten Month, huh? Okay...
Top Ten Reasons Why Leos Are the Isht:

10) We look good.
9) We are intelligent.
8) We look good.
7) We are fun as hell to be around.
6) We look good.
5) We can be annoying, but you'll still love us. ;-)
4) We look good.
3) We are some creative mofos.
2) We look good.
1) We are some humble, yet honest people.

"Does the size of your signature reflect your cup size?"--bfnh

"Bush proves that he is a man who will best serve the people...their last meal."--Jon Stewart

"Put some clothes on! You're lowering my property value!"--guy from work to his neighbor.

"While you sittin' over there drinkin' that Snapple/You need to put your head between my thighs and start bobbin' for apples."--Brown Skin Lady to Naps

"We see through your voodoo, just like Eve's Bayou, you dealing with the Blackmagic..." Talib Kweli

do damage for damage be
unpredictable with map and compass
& weapons pressed against the cheek
--Sun Rise Missions, from Earthquakes and Sun Rise Missions by Haki R. Madhubuti.

Pick it up at your local black-owned bookstore today!