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Posted by guest, Mon Aug-28-00 06:53 AM
>But what is known is that
>the damage is alot less
>that most drug taken today,
>including weed.
high doses of ecstasy (comprable to human use of regular amounts (1pill/week)) in animal laboratory testing has shown depleted levels of serotonin ("happiness" hormone) in the brain, which leads researchers to believe that the same might hold true for humans after longer periods of use.

also, from experience i may state that i have never had a three- day state of depression after smoking a joint, ecstasy fucked up my routine & behavior significantly for a period of time after use.

>The only thing that is certain
>is that it is not
>addictive. That is a
>very good thing in comparsion
>to the other drugs out

here, it is important to differentiate between types of addiction. yes, the drug is not physically addictive to your body (you will not crave this like some rocks), however the mental lure of the drug and its effects have been powerful enough to make many users try "x" again, and again, and,....... every friend of mine who has tried E, has done it repeatedly, and those who haven't, admit they would do it again if the opportunity arose. Happiness in a pill...? Don't tell me that doesn't sound good. And once you have tried it, it is hard to deny that the possibility for a degree of mental addiction is not there.

>Also, the only people that have
>died from it are people
>who kill themselves in car
>crashes while still high.

The leading cause of deaths from ecstasy is not something that the drug itself has... (ecastasy is considered to have a toxicity level similar to acid, as in, it would take thousands of doses to actually die from the drugs contents.)however, it is the sale of other drugs sold under the catch-all name of the hottest new drug "ecstasy." that pill you have just bought could be anything from caffeine, to ketamine, to DXM, to PMA, the latter two which have the capability of causing death.

>Other have gotten extremely close becuase
>of the dehydration that the
>"E" can cause.

>There is an informative, scientifally based
>(for the most part) article
>in TIME magazine back in
>June (I don't remember the

other good sources for MDMA information include: www.dancesafe.org www.erowid.org www.bluelight.nu

for now,