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Topic subjectExtascy,Nyquil,hip hop,&blacks: just don't mix..
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21869, Extascy,Nyquil,hip hop,&blacks: just don't mix..
Posted by colourboy, Mon Aug-21-00 03:06 AM
whats the deal with emcees and magazines pumpin up ex like its the best thing to hit since Krs diss Mc Sham. Man for one half the cats out their don't know what it does to the body. So for ex, now cats are just being put on to dope or popping pills. Because thats what ex is isn't? Are we embarking on a new age of junkies? And, also not that I condone the use of drugs or whatever, but this ex is starting to take over the sales and postion of weed. Weed? Another thing is I think some emcees are losing things to say and common sense. Because it has come to the point where you got heads wit baby bottles drinking cough syrup and sprite to get high. Cough syrup? Whats the deal with that. To also say mag's are pumping this up and like "yeah this is the new hip hop drug or crave". If I'm not mistaken when was drugs apart of hip hop? As we all know in the black community we have enough drugs we don't need anymore and why is hip hop pumping this up. Express ya self and tell me.