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Topic subjectRE: minority leader for today???
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21867, RE: minority leader for today???
Posted by eddydon, Fri Sep-01-00 06:25 AM
I hear many folks say this and that about Jesse Jackson and the other leaders who are talking loud and saying nothing. The young leaders of today do not have the connections and prestige such as a Jesse Jackson. My theory is that (just like politicians) they rather be on the top and keep the younger generation cynical and mistrustful. They like their current positions and they still have influence in black community so why should they remove themselves? But if the younger generation came together their influence wouldn't be so strong. just a guess. hope you understand what i am trying to get across.

"I try to school these shorties under me/but they can't see from life to death/so know we're back to where we never left/the ghetto/It's a damn shame/knowing it's a man's game/shorty think it's time to make your plans change/all that running around trying to chase whats already here/been there/pops told me to knuckle up/No fear." - Nas

"What makes anyone think that two hundred years of legal protection for discrimination, bigotry and hatred can be counteracted in thirty years? I don't believe it." - Janey